India in Flux

Design & India.
Biennale Internationale Design St-Etienne 2008 will take place in France from November 15 to November 30, 2008. India in Flux is the main theme of the India Pavilion exhibition looking at the “interactions” between India and Design in the 21st Century.

It is launched and organised by Alok Nandi, Architempo, at the invitation of the Biennale Internationale Design St-Etienne 2008, in France.

Change is the only constant. Flows are omnipresent and India, through out millennia was designed through and with flows, flux.
New territories, in mutation, ought to be visited, in the indianity of design. (What is Indianity and what is Design ? Two implicit questions yet to be re-investigated). And others to be raised.

Alok b. Nandi
June 2008 – Brussels, Europe

Concept & Design by Alok b. Nandi, Architempo. Thanks to Catherine Schoemann & Aline Uma Nandi, Elsa Françès, Chloé Heyraud, Josyane Franc, Sabine Roche and the technical team of the Cité du Design, Giovanna Massoni and the CGRI team.



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Thanks go to many people for their input, their contribution, their help to have the exhibition taking place, and more specifically:

Ezio Manzini, Politecnico di Milano
François Jégou, Solutioning Design
Neha Shivshanker Joshi, SID, CEPT, Ahmedabad
Aditya Dev Sood, Founder/CEO, CKS
Saswati Saha-Mitra, Knowledge Manager, CKS
Surabhi Malani, Design Researcher, CKS
Simon Casterman, Editions Casterman

M.P. Ranjan, NID, Ahmedabad
Shashank Mehta, NID, Ahmedabad
Ravi Poovaiah, IDC, IIT Powai, Mumbai
Suresh Sethi, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Gunalan Nadarajan, Vice Provost for Research , Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)
Ampat V Varghese, Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bengaluru
Rama Gheerawo, RCA, London
Ajaykumar, Goldsmith College London
Satyendra Pakhalé, Amsterdam
Abhishek Hazra, Kolkata – Bengaluru

Elsa Françès, Director, Cité du Design
Chloé Heyraud, Cité du Design
Josyane Franc, Cité du Design
Sabine Roche, Cité du Design
Technical team of the Cité du Design,

Giovanna Massoni, designstreams
Transportation team of the CGRI & WBDM

Sankari Nandi-Mallick
Catherine Schoemann
Aline Uma Nandi
Mohua Joneja
R.K. Goël
Sanjay Nandy
Ujjwal Nandy
Subrata Barick
Biplab Nandy