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DigiMedia Research Centre
DigiMedia – Digital Media and Interaction is an interdisciplinary research centre of the University of Aveiro focusing on innovation in the design of new interaction approaches for human-centered digital media applications.

It was an honour to join as advisory board member.

An advisory board panel of 6 external consultants came to the University of Aveiro, last Friday, 20th October, for a one-day visit to DigiMedia.

The advisory board visited the laboratories, talked to the researchers and PHD students and discussed different themes with the Executive Commission of DigiMedia.

The advisory board is made up of 6 members:
André Lemos – Federal university of Bahia, Brasil
Angel Crespo – Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Monica Divitini – Aalborg University, Denmark
Nuno Otero – Linnaeus University, Sweden
Joseph Paradiso – MIT Media Lab – USA
Alok Nandi – Institut Lyfe – Paul Bocuse, Lyon, France.

designer, writer-director

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