Design Brunch

Design Brunch is part of {creativity * conversation}, a series of events and gatherings where design related topics are talked about. Different formats allow to explore and exchange ideas and thoughts about design as process, about creativity and innovation, about everyday life practices, about food design and table rituals.
Design Brunch is also part of the “Design as Cuisine as …” set of activities conceived by Alok Nandi. It is about design research, exploring conceptual frameworks to articulate design in relation to Cuisine as a vital transversal place for understanding creation and consumption.
Recently in Torino took place “Changing the Change”, a design research conference, organised under the direction of Ezio Manzini. His main argument is very simple: we must urgently change the rapid changes currently occurring in our world into a direction of sustainability. And design can help us do that: “Something that we know very well about the present is that the world is changing, rapidly and profoundly. The only certain thing that we know about the future is that the current change must change direction. It must find the way to sustainability.”
“Design as Cuisine as …” is also developed through Food Mood, a space where conversation continues in virtual realms, in synergy to Design Brunch gatherings. How to focus on potentialities in the transition towards a “sustainable knowledge society” ? by looking at stories on making and consuming.

Vol. 01 took place in September 2008 at the Fine Arts Museum in Brussels, in connection with Design September.

Vol. 02 took place in September 2009 at Recyclart, during Design September Brussels.