Alok Nandi & Pecha Kucha

Alok Nandi is a writer/director and designer active in multiple media, and more on

He is launching the Pecha Kucha Night Brussels evenings, as part of the events taking place in different parts of the world.

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha, a Japanese expression for the sound of conversation, is a series of show and tell evenings for designers, architects, artists, creatives, … started by Klein Dytham Architecture in Tokyo.

Since 2003, groups have sprung up in cities all over the world (over 430 so far) and adopted the Pecha Kucha format: each presenter has 20 slides which are displayed for 20 seconds each.

The idea is to create an environment where creatives from all fields can present (in 6 minutes and 40 seconds) a project carried out, under development, or which they dream to see accomplished. Anyone who has made, or will make, something interesting and would like share with the curious and open minded is welcome.

This is a relaxed atmosphere in which the only constraint imposed is the 20×20 format. The Pecha Kucha meetings in Tokyo are animated, lively, usually even noisy, and the attendees feel completely free to discuss and exchange ideas.

The presentations begin, of course, at 20:20hrs. On average 10 to 12 speakers follow one another with a 30 minute pause in the middle.


“As the prefix trans indicates, transdisciplinarity concerns that which is at once between the disciplines, across the different disciplines, and beyond all discipline. Its goal is the understanding of the present world, of which one of the imperatives is the unity of knowledge.”
B. Nicolescu

One might argue about the imperatives. However, the understanding of practices and processes do need to go “out of the box”, in “real” life … hence trans-.

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