Pluriverse to balance Metaverse

In 2019, I gave a talk at Interaction19 in Seattle, where I was highlighting the importance to go beyond “Monoculture”. It was a call for action titled “Diversity: de-ambulation, monocultures, pluriverses”.

The recent news by major players on Metaverse is reminding us to come back to this call for diversity in systems and in infrastructures. In another series of interventions, I was urging for the importance of having Hybridity built-in in any designerly or intra/entrepreneurial actions. Re-connecting the dots here: Metaverse will require Pluriversal approaches in order to fulfill the desires and needs for the coming years. What do we mean by “pluriversal” thinking and making is the journey I am busy exploring. Ping me for any interaction.

The 2019 conference talk is on

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