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From non-fiction to fiction, VOICES OF INDIA will provide a compelling journey through the paradoxes, myths and realities of India, through story-telling.

While Pavan Varma examines his fellow countrymen and especially what really makes Indians tick, Chaudhuri is offering a map of voices not to be overlooked.

“Can it be true that Indian writing, that endlessly rich, complex and problematic entity, is to be represented by a handful of writers who write in English, who live in England or America and whom one might have met at a party?” writes Amit Chaudhuri in his anthology The Picador Book of Modern Indian Literature (2001).

“More importantly, is it possible to assess properly and appreciate the merits of this handful of writers without any resource to the diverse intellectual traditions to which they do or do not belong?”

India is the guest country of the Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair) 2006. Soon after the Book Fair, a number of the authors involved will come to Brussels. A variety of languages and voices will be represented, a.o. Hindi, Urdu, and from the North East.

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convenor Alok b. Nandi

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