Startup Weekend Brussels: Makers Edition

Alok Nandi – taking part as jury in this Startup Weekend – 


Belgium’s first ever Makers Startup Weekend is here – bringing the Maker’s Movement to the Capital of Europe, at CO.STATION!
The maker culture is a contemporary subculture representing a technology-based extension of DIY (Do It Yourself) culture. All of us are Makers, we make our world!
You too, can be a Maker! Whatever your background, you can become a Maker and a Startup Weekend Maker is an excellent place to start. You will have access to 3D printers, laser cutters and open source hardware at CO.STATION to prototype your idea.
You will:
• Pitch your idea (if you want to; its an open stage format)
• Form a team around an idea and make it real
• Get grilled and coached by some of the toughest industry experts
• Present to a panel of expert judges and win amazing prizes
• Get a starters kit with basic hardware to be used in prototyping
• 50-75 EUR budget per team to get any additional things needed for your prototype
• Test the limits of sleeplessness 😉

This will be the 1st event of its kind in Belgium where the local startup ecosystem will join in for a three day marathon of co-creation, making and growth-hacking!

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