EXPO2015 Milano – The Taste of Change – round table

design & food / resources and reuse / circular economy / social innovation tools
A debate on design theories and practices as driving forces of cultural, economic and social change.

June 23rd, 2015 at 10:30 – EXPO 2015 Belgian Pavilion –

Alok Nandi – creative director of Architempo – coCreationcamp, interaction designer, lecturer (BE) www.aloknandi.com / www.architempo.net

Panellists are
_ Anna Meroni – associate professor at the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano / international coordinator of the DESIS – Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability – Network Association. (IT) www.design.polimi.it

_ Maarten Gielen – Rotor, design and architecture collective (BE) www.rotordb.org

_ Teresa Sdralevich – illustrator, poster designer (BE) www.teresasdralevich.net

_ François Jégou – Strategic Design Scenarios / teacher at ENSAV La Cambre (BE) www.strategicdesignscenarios.net

_ Saskia Van Stein – artistic director at Bureau Europa, Maastricht (NL) www.bureau-europa.nl/en

_ Laurence Soetens – Food Fiction, food designer (BE) www.foodfiction.be

_ Virginia Tassinari &– DESIS Lab / teacher at MAD Faculty Genk (BE) www.desis-network.org / www.mad-fac.be

_ Giovanna Massoni – RECIPROCITY design liège, artistic director (BE) www.reciprocityliege.be

designer, writer-director