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Karthi Subbaraman announcing: “Today is Wednesday and our episode on Distributing Design with our design legend Alok b. Nandi is out. A totally new way to look at Design for future. Check it out! Give it a listen 🙂

The link is here:–Distributing-Design—Rebalancing-leadership-ee9j0h

We discussed about distributing design and how to rebalance leadership for the future looks like. Alok shares many examples and anecdotes around what it means to distributing and re-distributing design.

The discussion made me wonder how to shift focus from human centred to humanity centred, user centred to usage centred and more. It made me wonder about prototyping at the level of policy making and having pandemic scenario testing and ecosystem on the whole.

As a design leader are you thinking about the ecosystems and the various components ? Keep me posted how was it for you 🙂 Spread the word to your friends who may benefit from the discussion.”

Thanks Karthi for the interview !

Distributing Design – Rebalancing leadership : Alok Nandi
Design Positive (D+ve)

In this episode we speak to Alok Nandi, a designer-entrepreneur working out of Brussels, creative director-partner of Architempo and Spread Design BV. He was global president of IxDA – Interaction Design Association. He is author, speaker and also professor of design and innovation in Lyon, France, at Institut Paul Bocuse, a culinary/hospitality school. His studies combined engineering, management and film. Connect with Alok: Alok’s Website: ———— The show is an initiative of The Internet & Mobile Association of India aka IAMAI, hosted by Karthi Subbaraman. Connect with Karthi: Twitter: Linkedin: ————

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