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Alok Nandi is speaking at Design Policy Conference on November 4th, 2022, in Valencia, in conversation with Päivi Tahkokallio and Brandon Gien, and a long list of “design aficionados”. See program, schedule and speakers on

The city of Valencia is 2022 World Design Capital.

What are design policies? More hereafter, as per the conference program.
“Design policy” can be a bit confusing term, as it is used with a variety of meanings, most of them strongly interrelated. To make things a bit clearer from the outset, let’s begin ruling out the similar term “policy design” which refers to the systematic development of effective and efficient policies in any possible field, an effort that is way beyond our scope.

Conversely, we talk about design policies meaning basically three types of initiatives:

_ Any policy that aims to promote or accelerate the use and acceptance of design both by the public and the private sectors, as well as by the general population

_ The use of design practices, methods, and approaches to tackle the different challenges we face as a society, as a problem-solving tool

_ The integration of different branches of design expertise in public and private policies, in order to create meaningful experiences that are also environmentally and economically sustainable and socially inclusive

The Design Policy Conference will focus on these three kinds of phenomena that illustrate the pivotal contribution of design to the public realm.

See program, schedule and speakers on

Panel discussion V: Design awareness. Can we make it mainstream?
Speakers: Päivi Tahkokallio, Alok Nandi and Brandon Gien

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