Orientable at St-Etienne Design Biennale 2008

From information architecture to product design. A design journey about surface, about light, about light surface. Articulate interaction beyond information space, in everyday space. Multidisciplinary path is leading towards materiality of product design and its material constraints. Concept and story remain the triggers.
N8 is opening the journey: the focus is on the articulate surface, the need is an easy to attain place, where the surface of the table can easily move, where it can easily be set when one wants this to be, just by a simple rotation. From table to tableware, from table to light, the design journey will continue.
This prototype is working and will be shown at the International Design Biennale in St-Etienne France, from Nov. 15 to Nov. 30, 2008.
Design Studio: Architempo – Prototyping Atelier : Beaver, in partnership with a.o. AJV.

designer, writer-director