Interaction14 Conference

Languages of Interaction Design
Interaction14 will explore the wide diversity of interaction design practices and seek inspiration from related disciplines. Four days of workshops, presentations and social events, in Amsterdam, Feb. 5-8, 2014.

The theme of Interaction14 is “Languages of Interaction Design.”
We see language in several contexts. There is spoken language, body language and written language. There is an interface language between user and system. Other languages include the jargon we use to discuss our work and the tools that we use to do our work.
By enhancing the “Languages of Interaction Design” we create new ways to view interactions between people and things. Of particular interest is extending the context from urban to mobile screens and from immersive to sensor based environments.

A conference by IxDA – Interaction Design Association, organised by a team in different parts of the world – The conference takes place in Amsterdam, Feb. 5-8th, 2014, with academic partners TU Delft and Utrecht School of the Arts HKU.

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