Alok Nandi is launching Pecha Kucha in Brussels, to foster conversation – transdisciplinary conversations.
Some speakers or partners a.o., in alphabetical order :

Bud Blumenthal – choreographer & dancer
Salvatore Bono – architect Buro2networks
Thierry Brunfaut – BaseDesign
Bart Cardinaal & Nadine Roos – HunkDesign Rotterdam
Walter De Brouwer – Pajama Nation
Aureia Harvey & Michael Samyn – Tale of Tales
Jean de Gheldere – Best of & Design September
Takashi Ikegami – Complex Systems & Artificial Life, Univ. of Tokyo
François Jégou – strategic design scenarios & Sustainable Everyday Project
Jan Kriekels – JAGA
Maja Kuzmanovic –
Giovanna Massoni – independent curator
Francis Metzger – Ma² / Metzger et Associés Architecture
Kristof Michiels & Peter Schelkens – Living Lab Brussels
François Pachet – CSL Sony Lab Paris
Paolo Pellizzari – photographer
Pierre Portevin – Convergences
Paolo Sacchettini – Torsen & car testing on frozen lakes
Peter Scholliers – historian on everyday life and food
Diane Steverlynck – designer
Jan van den Bergh – Boondoggle, ex iMerge, web design agency
Rob Van Kranenburg – RFID and cultural operator
Olu Vandebusche – Textile research and consultancy for the visually challenged
Joannes Vandermeulen – archaeologist turned user experience bureau business manager of Namahn
Angelo Vermeulen – biologist, artist, video gamer, performer, DJ
Marleen Wynants – Crosstalks VUB
Bernard Yslaire – graphic novelist – “le XXème ciel”, bande dessinée

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4 Comments on “Conversation

  1. Hi, I would like to come to the event.. I work on advocacy and communication for non profit organisations, mostly on health.

  2. Hi, your name is on the list – looking forward to seeing you on Nov. 20th – Alok Nandi

  3. Hi, i would REALLY like to attend this evening, together with 2 friends. I hope it’s not too late- We just found out.

    Dieter, Vishal and Stephanie

  4. Hi Vishal & friends,

    Did you make it ?
    We were off screen preparing the evening which went great.


    Alok NANDI