Alok b. Nandi, Peter Ghyczy designing, la Charte, 2018

Alok b. Nandi, coPossibles, co-création et modes d’exploration, Klabfab, 2017

Alok b. Nandi, Giovanna Massoni (Ed.), Multiple Plan – Design Crossroads in Belgium, Editions Dupuis, 2010, ISBN 978-2-8001-5025-3

Alok b. Nandi, Ajaykumar, Zero – an art book on the confluence of art, technology, science and philosophy, London, 2008, Goldsmiths University of London & Fluxtopia

Alok b. Nandi (Ed.), Nemai Ghosh (Phot.), Satyajit Ray at 70, Eiffel Editions, Brussels, 1991, ISBN 293001007X, Preface by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Papers on research projects (Transfiction, VR, MR), articles on cinema, narrative and design as well as editorials on internet are listed on different places or pages.