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Transforming Experiences for the Future : Alok Nandi
Avantika Designeering Series

User experience has become a critical point of discussion in board rooms, & why not, it is where the customer is interacting with the products or services today. It has completely transformed the consumer consumption, interaction & usage pattern. To understand this in detail & gauge the direction where this domain is leading into, we decided to have a tête-à-tête with Alok Nandi on his perspective to the world of user experience, Designeering & how it is shaping the future. Alok is a multitasker who wears many hats, leading companies, mentoring entrepreneurs, teaching, & contributing to the UX community development globally. You can reach Alok on Twitter @aloknandi. Don’t forget to subscribe to our show! Share your feedback & comments on ads@avantika.edu.in


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Distributing Design – Rebalancing leadership : Alok Nandi
Design Positive (D+ve)

In this episode we speak to Alok Nandi, a designer-entrepreneur working out of Brussels, creative director-partner of Architempo and Spread Design BV. He was global president of IxDA – Interaction Design Association. He is author, speaker and also professor of design and innovation in Lyon, France, at Institut Paul Bocuse, a culinary/hospitality school. His studies combined engineering, management and film. Connect with Alok: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aloknandi/ Alok’s Website: www.aloknandi.com ———— The show is an initiative of The Internet & Mobile Association of India aka IAMAI, hosted by Karthi Subbaraman. Connect with Karthi: Twitter: https://twitter.com/karthi2209 Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/skarthi/ ————