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Update: Interaction14 will take place Feb. 5 to 8, 2014, in Amsterdam. For more about Interaction Design Association – check

It has just been announced on IxDA ! I am honoured to be trusted by the Interaction Design Association. Join the conversation at Interaction14 and before for its preparation :

On behalf of the IxDA Board of Directors, it is with great pleasure that we announce Alok Nandi as Chair of Interaction14, to be held February, 2014 in Amsterdam in conjunction with Utrecht School of the Arts and Delft University of Technology.

Alok was selected from a short list of candidates following an open call for nominations from the IxDA community.

The call for Chair of the Interaction conference resulted in more than 30 qualified submissions – a measure of the depth of talent and willingness to take on key volunteer leadership roles within our global IxDA community. Thank you to everyone who made the commitment to put their name forward for consideration.

The review panel included our Treasurer, MJ Broadbent, Director Séamus Byrne, our Executive Director Brenda Sanderson and myself. Drawing on the collective experience as past chairs of Interaction11 and Interaction12 within the panel, we were unanimous in our decision. Alok brings a combination of experience and enthusiasm to the role and we were inspired by his broad vision of interaction design practice.


Interaction14 will be the second IxDA conference to be held in Europe, following from the successful staging of Interaction12 in Dublin, Ireland earlier this year. It will take place in Amsterdam in February 2014.

IxDA Netherland, along with Utrecht School of the Arts and Delft University of Technology, put forward a comprehensive proposal that received the unanimous support of the IxDA Board.  Alok has named Yohan Creemers, Chair of IxDA Netherland and a member of the Dutch bid team, as his Co-Chair for Interaction14.

Welcome and congratulations, Alok and Yohan! The IxDA community is honored to have you take up this challenge and we look forward to meeting in Amsterdam in February 2014.


Steve Baty
President, IxDA

*** Registrations are currently open for Interaction13. For more details please see ***

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