Be-come design-MIND-ed

The MIND Global program is launched on this 18th of July 2020, on line, with the first cohort of learners. They are going on a 5+ months journey to un-learn, co-learn and re-learn notions of design, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. They will work in teams (people co-creating) on DAREs (project co-development) and come with propositions (planet co-caring), so far unforeseen. Because this journey will confront them to some unknown unknowns, for sure. 

MIND Global was set as a learning context by Manipal Global, with the program shaped by SPREAD Design and Innovation. One can find more on the MIND program at – 

“It’s all in the mind.

We stretch it with fresh knowledge. Flow you through an entire project. Then, prepare you to expand it with altogether new concepts in design and innovation.”

Stretching, Flowing, Expanding.

These are postures and actions to be worked on, day after day. In this journey, and after, forever.

The launch took place across time zones, across networks, across places.

Bon voyage to the MIND Global learners.


Should you want to join this first cohort, that can be done, some spots could be opened for late joiners to become MIND-learners

[ deadline July 31st – see ].

As I am a member of the Academic Council of MIND Global, you can contact me for any information.

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