Design Open Happy Series

The Post-Covid19 world depends upon how we rethink and what we do next. Together, let’s emerge from this crisis stronger, sharper, and happier! Design Open Happy is a light hearted effortless effort to sense the temperature of the planet. Connecting the dots between Bengaluru, Brussels and everywhere else.

Why you should join : How can we navigate these challenging times, to reimagine, rethink and calibrate the future together with Design? Here’s a platform to sharply engage with leaders as they share their perspectives. Share ideas. Share the joy of small wins. Stay positive and spread happiness!

When : Every alternate Friday, we zoom in live into a point of view and a have a free flowing conversation between global leaders, check out our upcoming sessions below, grab a drink and join us!

Who is it for : Anyone who wants to feel, think, do and move forward!

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