Helsinki coCreationcamp

In the context of World Design Capital 2012, there is a coCreationcamp in Helsinki and Espoo, on May 22nd (at Laurea Univ.) and 23rd (at the Belgian Embassy), 2012.

We aim to connect and combine ideas about collaborative innovation through design, where coCreationcamp offers tools for prototyping and shaping ideas: questioning, visualizing, iterating. We focus on three steps:

  • co-definition of issues
  • co-design of possible changes
  • co-iteration on these new situations

In Helsinki, in May 2012, to engage the participants and experiment the possibilities of new ideas and their constructive collisions, we are working with the metaphor of food-making and will involve chefs and do real cooking. These activities (food-making) will allow to trigger interactions in order to look at frameworks (sense-making) and question the drivers (change-making) of co-creation. Co-creation will also be discussed in relation to other modalities of collaboration such as co-production, crowd-sourcing, open innovation, participatory design …

While food and food-making will allow to build a thread, we are also involving industrial designers, service designers and other professionals to see how specific sectors are revisited with the massive usage of technologies (internet, 3D printing, …) and the “explicit” pressure of social innovation (crisis situation calling for creativity, hence the need for co-creativity).

The program is structured a.o. on the thematic lines of

  • food-pairing and innovative food combination
  • policy pie-making
  • eco-industrial design sketching

The partnership with “CoCo – Value co-creation” project at Laurea Univ. allows to explore research themes, looking at implications for business, public sector, research and education.

The Helsinki coCreationcamp takes place with the partnership of WBDM Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode, WBI, AWEX and the Embassy of Belgium in Helsinki.

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