In conversation with Philippe Picquier

Back to Japan – with a focus on literature !

Lundi 19 mai 2014 à 18 heures 30 – Bibliothèque des Riches-Claires.
Rencontre avec Philippe Picquier, Editeur,
animée par Alok Nandi.

The Éditions Philippe Picquier are a publishing house created in 1986 and specialized in the publication of books coming from Far East, that is translated books which coming from China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, India and Pakistan.

Its creator, Philippe Picquier, doesn’t speak Asian language, nevertheless, he has, despite everything, founded his publishing house. At present, he always manages it. He is ventured in the publishing world thanks to some meeting: ” in the publishing as in life, everything is question of meetings […] and a real publishing house, that is that : a permanent meeting place. ” Choosing originally on Chinese literature and Japanese, he widened his literary horizon field in East Asia then, with the idea that “Asia is huge enough so that we take care only of it.”

On the other hand, the house doesn’t tie to a specific domain, proposing at once literature, human sciences, essays, children’s literature, comic strip, beautiful books…, because it is in question for the publisher “to create links between the genres “. It is addressed at a time to an adult public, and to a younger public made up of teenagers and children.

designer, writer-director